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Chihuahua's Are Fragile
  • Chis are fragile. Little dogs have little bones and one sad fact about Chihuahuas is that they are easily injured. A common injury for these sweet dogs is a luxation of the patella. In laymen’s terms, it is not uncommon for a Chihuahua to dislocate their kneecap usually when jumping off beds or other high surfaces in the home. Another common injury is damage to the trachea. These bitty dogs should only be led with a harness to protect their fragile throats.
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Want A New Family Member . .

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Are you looking for a new family member? Pets are great additions to any family's home. Not only are they loving companions, they will never snore, complain or forget to put the toilet seat up!

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Are you looking for a new family member? Pets are great additions to any family's home. Not only are they loving companions, they will never snore, complain or forget to put the toilet seat up! If you are considering buying a pet animal, you might go to a pet store or a breeder. However, you might forget that there is another place where you can find the perfect pet and that is from your local animal shelter.

Most people believe that animals from shelter homes are dangerous or have health problems but this is not always the case. Although some animals might come from the puppy mills or strays, not all of them are so. Some animals in the shelter are left there because their previous owners died, left the country or no longer have the capability to care for them. If you are looking for purebreds, you might find some of them at the shelter; however, mixed breeds also make excellent companions.

Advantages of Getting Your Pet from the Shelter

You save a life. Every year hundreds of animals die from abusive owners, puppy mills and irresponsible owners. Some are lucky and end up in the shelter. Though they end up in shelters or animal homes, these shelters can only hold a limited number of animals. By fostering or adopting an animal from the shelter, you would not only save its life and give it a new home; you are also saving another animal's life. The adoption fee that comes with it will also support animal rescue, food, vaccinations and other things that the shelter needs.

As not all sheltered animals are strays, you would also end up with a loving companion from a previously owned pet. Most pets in the shelter are previously owned and due to unavoidable circumstances, their pet parents have to give them up. Most pets are trained but might need to be re-trained to their new home. Shelters have the animal's information so new owners would know how to treat their new pets unlike buying a pet from a breeder or pet store where only basic information are provided.


One of the benefits with having a rescue dog or animal as a pet is that most homes would already have the animal spayed or neutered. Vaccines and other shots are also updated so one no longer has to worry about the cost. Other shelters might also microchip the animal so you can track your pet when you lose them. Although some pets might be shy or look aloof at times, learning about them and understanding them would open you to a lifetime companion.

Are you looking for the perfect companion? []North East Staffy Rescue provides dogs available for adoption. If you are looking to adopt a dog or interested in owning a Staffordshire bull terrier, contact them today for more information.

By []Francheska Craig

Article Source: [] Want A New Family Member? Adopt A Shelter Animal
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